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The Wynds Of Life

The Wynds Of Life

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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 2010

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 2010

Product Code: ARMD00031

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Barcode: 689974003127 The Wynds Of Life

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The Wynds Of Life Stevie's first solo recording was laid down at The Zone Studios in Dripping Springs with Michael Ramos Keys, George Reiff Bass, Lloyd Maines Steel Guitars, Pat Manske Drums and a special guest guitarist David Lee Holt from Storyville. George, Lloyd and Pat are also featured on the 2010 Courtyard Hounds release.


TitleRunning Time
1. You'd Be On It 4:59
2. Lonely Nights In Georgia 5:11
3. Morning Sun, Midnight Rain 4:46 - Play
4. Dreams 4:16 - Play
5. Eye Of The Storm 5:53
6. Good day For The Blues 4:28
7. Make It Up To You 3:51
8. Long Road To Heaven 4:13
9. Coming Home To You 4:10
10. In Your Arms At Night 4:10
11. Winter 2:52
12. Sometimes 4:05 - Play
13. Its A Hard Life 4:51 - Play
14. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright 4:50



Glaswegian bluesman Stevie Nimmo (of the Nimmo Brothers) could not have wished for a finer assembly of musicians and producer accompany him on this his solo debut.

With fourteen songs and over an hour of music the listener is well served as he polishes off ten self-penned songs to go with the four well selected covers. Coming into his own as a front man, after playing a less prominent part with his older brother, Alan Nimmo Stevie possesses a great depth to his work. He has come through with an album befitting those lending support and that pretty much says it all. For he has such luminaries as Lloyd Maines, George Reiff, Michael Ramos and Pat Manske (drums, percussion, producer) add power to his strong, unbending blues tones and his own acoustic, electric, slide guitar playing. Plus, you also have David Lee Holt play lead electric guitar on ‘Lonely Night In Georgia’ and share the duties on ‘Good Day For The Blues’ (David Grissom).

Displaying a burning passion to get down and dirty he becomes neck deep in the swampy Louisiana side of things when he comes up with a future blues steeped rock gem as ‘Long Road To Heaven’. Boy, doesn’t he whip up a storm on this one. As slide, keyboards, organ and percussion kick in. Muscle Shoals at its peak would be proud of having recorded this track along (and there are more like it). Plus, we have the soulful ‘Coming Home To You’. It doesn’t get much better than this no matter what it is or where it comes from.

Stevie’s wide embracing charm also extends out from the southern blues as some country blues rears via the instrumental ‘Winter’ plus, when it comes to soul it is delivered in fabulous fashion by way of ‘It’s a Hard Life’. Like with the majority of outstanding songs it was also written by Nimmo and is right up there with ‘Lonely Night In Georgia’ and the all-fired up ‘Good Day For The Blues’ only his I feel comes over a little better! Fresher and sharper in feel and production as Stevie reaches out to the listener.


Published: September 2010

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