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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 2001

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 2001

Product Code: ARMD00012

Barcode: 689974001222 Shadowplay

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Out Of The Blue was put together in 1994 by singer, guitarist and songwriter Kevin Thorpe to fulfil a one-off gig at the Colne Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. They received such a rapturous audience reception that they decided to stick around.

Out Of The Blue respect the blues tradition but they like to stretch the outside of the envelope. They looked beyond the tried and tested 12 bar formula to create a modern, thoroughly original sound that fuses jazz, rock and of course blues. Whichever way you chew it, their music, with Kevin Thorpe's gravel and grit vocals, definitely comes from the heart to stir the soul.

Lead guitarist Eddie Tatton (Nightmares on Wax, Zero 7) is one of the hippest guitar players on the scene today, his inventiveness never ceases to amaze. Eddie's solos push back the boundaries of electric blues guitar, his unique style melding the poise of Robben Ford, with the grace of Larry Carlton to bring an unparalleled sophistication to Out Of The Blues' overall ensemble sound. In addition Out Of The Blue have the very gifted keyboard player Johnny Dyke (Elkie Brooks Band, Patricia Kas, Larry Garner Band) and a dynamic rhythm section with Nigel Lobley on drums and Simon Sparks on bass, making them for the discerning blues punter, the most rewarding live aesthetic experience available.
- Scott Duncan, Blues in Britain Magazine

In 2000 Out of the Blue released their first CD with Armadillo Music Blues In A Bottle and swiftly followed up with Shadowplay in 2001.

Kevin Thorpe 1953 – 2010 
Sadly Kevin Thorpe died suddenly after a performance in Newark on September 11th, 2010. A huge loss to music and all who knew him.


TitleRunning Time
1. Unfinished Business 4:55 - Play
2. New Woman, New Man 4:50
3. The Truth Is Sought By A Liar 5:08
4. Scoobie Leggett 5:08
5. In The Cold Light Of Day 5:43
6. If You Were Gone 5:55 - Play
7. Blow By Blow 5:10
8. The Jungle Walk 5:25 - Play
9. What's Your Excuse 3:46
10. Help Yourself 5:06

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