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Press Gallery

Terms of use for press-ready images, artwork and logos directly downloaded from our company website.

Images in the gallery below are low resolution, watermarked and for preview purposes only. 
All images can be downloaded as high resolution files via the secure Press/Radio Login.
Images are available as CMYK Jpeg files at a resolution of 300dpi or a press-ready PDF where applicable.
To request access please contact us, stating your venue or festival name or planned image use.

Crediting of photographs used in media whether printed or online is an industry standard; confirming copyright, acknowledging the photographer and to track an image's use.
By downloading and using press-ready images, artwork and logos from our website you confirm all images will be correctly marked with:
•    Copyright symbol ©
•    Photographer detail or company name as stated below downloaded image
In situations where the photographer is unknown or not listed, this may be excluded.

Copies of printed media should be emailed or sent to Armadillo Music Ltd.


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