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Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up The Pieces

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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 2009

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 2009

Product Code: ARMD00027

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Barcode: 689974002724 Picking Up The Pieces

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The Nimmo Brothers, from Glasgow, Scotland have proved themselves to be one of the most respected exponents of modern blues the UK has seen since the blues boom of the 1960’s.

Coming Your Way marked the beginning of a hugely successful relationship with Armadillo Music. This album captured the true spirit and energy that makes the Nimmo Brothers so special and also catapulted them to the forefront of the British and European blues scenes – winning best UK blues album and best UK blues band awards in 2002.

2003 was time for a change of pace with their first acoustic album New Moon over Memphis focusing on the vocal and song writing talents of The Nimmo Brothers. At the Low County Blues Bash in Charleston, South Carolina they were given two consecutive standing ovations.

In 2006 Armadillo released Live at Cottiers recorded in their home town of Glasgow . The Nimmo Brothers were back with a bombardment of new killer songs touring in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Now in 2009 The Nimmo sound is stronger and more powerful than ever, as they dust down the old orange valve amps and haul out their treasured Les Pauls and Strats, to promote Picking up the Pieces. Once again becoming THE band to be reckoned with.  


TitleRunning Time
1. All Because Of You 4:18
2. Bad Luck 4:03 - Play
3. It's Not About You 6:00
4. Unfinished Business 5:55
5. Bring It On Home 4:49 - Play
6. Gotta Slow Down 4:03 - Play
7. A Better Day 5:27
8. Nothing In Chicago For Free 5:43
9. In Too Deep 4:26
10. You Don't Know 4:19 - Play

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