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No Regrets

No Regrets

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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 2004

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 2004

Product Code: ARMD00019

Barcode: 689974001925 No Regrets

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Armadillo Music released Brian’s CD, No Regrets, recorded in the UK to wide distribution in February 2004. Mats Qwarfordt, PA Ulander, Christer Lyssarides and Jim Oleary joined Brian for this release.

The first official release on Armadillo records, recorded in the UK during their June 2003 tour in the shadows of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. Twelve original tunes ranging from stompin' blues to intimate confessions. No Regrets has risen to the Top 25 Roots and Blues Chart on National US radio, as reported in Living Blues Magazine.


TitleRunning Time
1. No Regrets 3:52 - Play
2. Old Photograph 3:49
3. Long Ago 4:49
4. Come Home To Me 3:35 - Play
5. Broken Angel 3:19
6. I Must Be Dreamin' 5:48 - Play
7. Every Little Bit Counts 2:55 - Play
8. You Can Change It All 3:36
9. Right As Rain 4:16
10. Don't Fall Too Deep 3:53
11. Rocks In My Heart 4:44
12. Little Stone House 3:58

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