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Moving On

Moving On

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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 1998

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 1998

Product Code: ARMD00004

Barcode: 689974000423 Moving On

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1998 saw the first Nimmo Brothers album Moving On with a more varied collection of songs than their previous offering, giving an insight into the strength and power of the Nimmo Brothers arrangements and what was yet to come. Come they did in 2001 with Coming Your Way, marking the beginning of a hugely successful relationship with Armadillo Music. This album not only captured the true spirit and energy of the Nimmo Brothers but also showed a level of song writing maturity. It was with this batch of songs that the Nimmo Brothers found themselves catapulted to the forefront of the British and European blues scenes, winning best UK blues album and best UK blues band at the 2002 British Blues Connection Awards, as well as headlining festivals and leaving sold out signs in the windows of clubs throughout the UK and Europe.


TitleRunning Time
1. Red Wine 4:46
2. Wasn't Born To Lose 5:25
3. Kingy's Swing 4:06
4. Black Cat Bone 5:06
5. I Do It All For You 8:59 - Play
6. Watch Out 4:00
7. All My Life 5:11
8. Jump right Back 4:18
9. Al's Boogie 3:08 - Play
10. In My Mind 6:39
11. Moving On 3:43 - Play
12. Lonely Boy 7:05 - Play
13. How Blue Can You Get 4:51
14. Like It This Way 7:21

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