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Merry Christmas Everybody (feat. Micky Moody)

Merry Christmas Everybody (feat. Micky Moody)

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Product Code: ARMD00037

Barcode: 689974003721 Merry Christmas Everybody (feat. Micky Moody)

Digital release only, download on iTunes


The old songs for Christmas are good songs, but I wanted to write my own, from the view of a man who has Christmas and other Holidays all around the world. And sing it in a groove I love so much.

Micky is also on the same record label and a wonderful friend, we had many times worked well together and talked about doing things once we have the chance to catch up in the same country, and we did in many ways work hard to make it come to life. We did and the sounds just come together and we are looking at doing more.

- Eugene Hideaway Bridges

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