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Live In Tallahassee

Live In Tallahassee

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Release Date (UK): 08 Jun 2018

Release Date (US): 08 Jun 2018

Barcode: 689974004223 Live In Tallahassee

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In 2017 Eugene Hideaway Bridges was honored by The Jus’ Blues Music Foundation  and awarded The Albert King Lifetime Award, “The Lucy Award”, for his outstanding contributions in continuing to keep the style of traditional Blues alive.

Inspired by this award and in memory of his bluesman father, Othineil Bridges Sr “Hideaway Slim” 1938 – 2015, Eugene has gone back to his roots. To the music Eugene learnt as a child sitting on the front porch, where “Hideaway Slim” showed Eugene how to play the blues. 
His 2018 release reflects this Live In Tallahassee. Recorded at the historic Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee, Florida on August 11th, 2017.

The Eugene Hideaway Bridges Band, one night, one take.
Eugene Hideaway Bridges – Guitar & Vocals
David Webb – Piano / Organ
Kelpie McKenzie – Bass Guitar
Pat Manske – Drums


TitleRunning Time
1. Intro by Gary Anton 0:22
2. Step By Step 3:32
3. I Can Never Forget 2:34
4. How Long 4:08
5. When The Blues Overtake You 3:37
6. Mom And Daddy's Place 4:22
7. Good Old Days 3:33
8. Hold On A Little Bit Longer 4:23
9. This Old House 3:56
10. How Long Will It Take 5:41
11. I Can't Wait 4:41
12. She's Out Of My Life 3:30
13. Take Home Pay 4:48
14. Sweet Little Angel 8:32
15. Don't Call It Supper 3:29
16. I'm Holding On 3:15
17. I'll Be King 4:54
18. I Can't Stop Loving You Baby 3:37
19. Rise Above It 6:23

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