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Live Cottiers Theatre Glasgow

Live Cottiers Theatre Glasgow

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Release Date (UK): 01 Jan 2004

Release Date (US): 01 Jan 2004

Product Code: ARMD00018

Barcode: 689974001826 Live Cottiers Theatre Glasgow


In 2004, after a period where the brothers had concentrated on various solo projects, Armadillo released their Live album; recorded in 2003, at Cottiers Theatre, in their home town of Glasgow. The Nimmo Brothers were back with a bombardment of new killer songs, touring the live album with dates in the UK, Ireland and Europe.


TitleRunning Time
1. She's All Mine 7:43 - Play
2. I'll Be Back Someday 4:52
3. Long Way From Everything 7:58 - Play
4. So Many Roads 14:12
5. The Thrill Is Gone 6:53
6. Flat Broke 4:52 - Play
7. Moving On 4:00
8. Watch Out 4:28
9. If I could See Through Your Eyes 7:09 - Play
10. Help Me 8:56

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